In the age of globalizing world  backed up by ICT- s, strategies, principles and beliefs have to be responsive to the changes taking place to affect humanity.  Inclusive development refers to the growth and development of a nation or state where in equal opportunities exist for everyone. This term has many facts including social,  cultural, political, environmental, economic and institutional. Development will be inclusive in true sense only if it focuses on all the stakeholders of the society while addressing the issue of exclusion of the historically and systemically deprived socio-economics and marginalized groups and communities including tribes, women, specially-abled, linguistics and religious minorities with the purpose of economic empowerment  special inclusion and social integration.  Conceptualizing and contextualizing inclusiveness should therefore be the stepping stones to any endeavor of visualizing inclusive development.   While it is true that chronic twin problems of poverty and  employment may not be solved overnight, their alleviation and mitigation can be considerably hastened with innovative, stimulating and productive transformational strategies that will significantly uplift the lives of all,  including the poorest of the poor. New amendments in foreign direct investment have to be designed to attract massive investments with a focus on job-creation and poverty reduction. There is urgent need of enormous  investment in infrastructure, factories, natural resources, industry, agriculture and tourism. Environment being an important factor and recent climate change  phenomenon bear  testimony to fact that the  development  has taken  its  cost  from  the  environment by  various means  of degradation .
The  need  of the  hour  is  to  in vestigate  methods and quality of growth and development which are inclusive, sustainable and environment friendly. Since,  a large change of population is still dependent on agricultural, strategies for developing agricultural sector in a sustainable manner represent one viable option to alleviate the poverty. Sustained economic growth, as  the foundation for reducing poverty and converging high income is the result of incessant structural change through industrial up gradation and diversification with focusion job-creation. Media and language plays an outstanding role in strengthening the inclusive value in the society by informing and e ducating. Investigating the strength of innovation driven strategic development and, the role of competition in stimulating and facilitating it would lead to wards the path of inclusive development.
In this background, themes and sub-themes for the forthcoming conference  (though not limited to this) may include as follows: