Technical Session1 : Inclusive Society:

  • Concept, Vision And Strategies
  • Myth Or Reality.
  • Growth, Development And Sustainable Development Inter-Linkages

Technical Session 2 : Inclusive Development

  • Role of Business, Politics, Religion And Culture.
  • Media Corporate, Civil Society And Bureaucracy.
  • Role of Economic Policies, Knowledge, Education And Skills , E-Govern Nce .
  • Role of Financial Inclusions.
  • Social Entrepreneur.
  • Role of Social Security, Integration And Protection Policies.

Technical Session 3 : Inclusive Development  And

  • Innovation.
  • Global Governance.
  • Internal Funding And Public Private Partnership.
  • Accounting Performance.
  • E-Commerce And Digital Reforms.
  • Inter-Temporal And Inter-Spatial Dimensions.

Technical Session 4 : New Dimensions To Wards Inclusive Development

  • Corporate Social Responsibility: A New Perspective To Wards Inclusive Development.
  • Marketing Strategies And Innovation For Inclusive Development.
  • Sustainability, Climate Change And Inclusive Development.
  • Inclusive Development And Social Justice : Role of Political, Economic And Gender Empowerment, And Cooperatives
  • Inclusive Development And Disability: Role of Thestate
  • Inclusive Development And Corporate Desires